Jidu Robo-01 EV will arrive in 2023 with a level 4 autonomy and a price of $ 30 thousand

A few months after the official teasers, the Chinese company Jidu presented its first concept: Robo-01. The all-electric SUV will be developed by technology giant Baidu and will be launched by Geely with the aim of bringing Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities to the market. The concept envisages a production model in 2023, keeping 90% of the design.

Robo-01 was unveiled at a special event in November 2022 at the Guangzhou Motor Show in Metavers before its physical debut. Visually, it has an aerodynamic shape with many curves and a premium design. Jidu featured three available colors called star porcelain white, fog gray, and galaxy purple, all combined with a set of cool-looking black aero-shield wheels. High-tech LED bulbs have AI digital pixel technology, which connects different signals to the world like a thumb.

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The car combines the front front doors with the rear suicide doors to provide easy access to the cab. Inside, the Jidu Robo-01 control panel is equipped with a high-resolution widescreen, mirror-changing cameras, a pull-out steering wheel that can be assembled when not needed, a futuristic central tunnel with touch zones and four separate seats. . reported Car news in ChinaThe EV DuerOS is equipped with artificial intelligence software, and the hardware consists of an NVIDIA Orin X chip and a Qualcomm 8295 processor.

Most importantly, there are two Lidars on either side of the hood, each of which combines 128 lasers, giving it a distance of 200 m (656 feet). They are combined with twelve cameras, twelve ultrasonic radars and five-millimeter wave radars that continuously scan the environment.

Currently, the highest level of autonomy in the market is the 3rd level of Mercedes-Benz, so the introduction of Level 4 is a big challenge for the Chinese automaker, approaching a fully autonomous vehicle (level 5). In fact, Jidu Robo-01 can spend a lot of time under the control of the driver. According to Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu, in the new era of cars, “driver’s license” will be transferred from people to artificial intelligence.

Jidu did not give us any details about the electric power of the SUV, but we think we will know more and more as we approach the debut of the concept in Guangzhou. Production of the Robo-01 by Geely will begin in 2023, and soon the first delivery of the model will begin in China. The model will cost about ¥ 200,000, which is about $ 30,000, which makes it very cheap for portable technology. Jidu’s first electric vehicle will be joined by a second production model, which will be launched in 2024.

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