Is this the 400 cc Bajaj Pulsar we all have been waiting for?

Here are some speculative pictures of a 400 cc Bajaj Pulsar based on a nude NS200 street motorcycle.

Bajaj Pulsar has been one of the most popular brands on the market for over twenty years. The range of motorcycles on the mass market, but interesting to ride, began with the models 150cc and 180cc, and today we have a series of Pulsar, consisting of models from 125cc to 220cc engine segments. Interestingly, despite the appearance of a new genetic platform that debuted on the NS200, the original 150cc and 180cc models continue to exist, albeit with many updates. Around Auto Expo 2014, Puna motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj Pulsar unveiled the SS400 and CS400 concepts, but was later born as Dominar. Now, however, it is said that the 400 cc Bajaj Pulsar will eventually be born in a full avatar.

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Recently, we came across several versions of the Bajaj Pulsar concept ABIN Design on Instagram. Although this concept was not officially commissioned by Bajaj Auto Ltd, it looks like it could be used to produce the 400cc Bajaj Pulsar we’ve all been waiting for. Based on the NS200, this concept has a full front cover. The fascia looks inspired by the Bajaj Pulsar 220 and carries the same projector headlight and rearview mirrors. However, the fly screen looks bigger. The mud guard is new and the front forks are new. However, the disc brake seems to be associated with the bar on the P220. In addition, alloy wheels look new, as well as a wide soft front tires.

Further, in the side profile, you can quickly see that the tank is from the NS200, but respecting the half-shell of the 220, the full cover looks very sporty and has a very large air vent, too. Other features of the side profile include a semi-light red painted mesh frame and a solid sports hood. The tail section also has a new and very attractive design, and the split seats and the soles of the rear seats allow for a very sporty ride.

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400cc bajaj pulsar side profile

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Of course, it is too early to rely on official descriptions. However, there is confidence that the engine will come from Dominar in a new condition. Currently, the maximum power for this Bajaj Dominar 400 oil-cooled single-cylinder engine is 40 PS and a maximum torque of 35 Nm. However, the same engine produces 43.5 PS and 37 Nm on the KTM Duke 390. Maybe the 400cc Bajaj Pulsar gets the engine in the same condition as Katoom. Of course, a six-speed clutch with a clutch is also common. What do you think about the Bajaj Pulsar concept mentioned above? Do you want to put it into production?

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