Ioniq 5 almost hit a vintage Holden Monaro while trying to park

Hyundai’s new Ioniq 5 has an automatic parking feature that allows it to be placed in space without a steering wheel, but like all self-driving technologies, it is not yet fully developed.

Briddy Schmidt is the deputy editor for Leader, an Australian website focused primarily on electric vehicles. While testing the Hyundai Ioniq 5, he tried to test the possibility of parking in an almost empty parking lot, but when the car tried to park next to a vintage muscle car, everything was almost unpleasant.

For the technology to work properly, it usually needs to “see” other vehicles that use stored sensors to monitor blind spots and detect horizontal traffic. The car in this case is the famous Holden Monaro old muscle car, although in the 1970s Butchers won several times in the 1000-kilometer race.

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Hyundai began to turn the wheels to turn back, but it is clear that this attempt will fail. When the EV turns back, it moves straight towards Monaro, as if it doesn’t even try to adjust the steering angle. A short break means that the system may try to re-evaluate the situation, but it continues its almost destructive path.

Luckily, the Ioniq 5 stopped before it came in contact with the old muscle vehicle, but was a few feet closer before it decided not to continue.

According to Breedy, the owner of the Monaro had just parked his car and entered the store. Fortunately, their car was almost hit by a parked Hyundai.

Breedy writes that he tried to work separately in the parking lot with a Toyota Camry, and it worked perfectly. “I think he’s afraid to hit Monaro,” said a passenger. I would too! ”

Photo by Breedy Schmidt Kindness Twitter

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