Influencer regrets buying Skoda Slavia

Harsha Kripalani, a specialist accountant and fashion and lifestyle influencer, regrets buying the Skoda Slavia after the mid-size premium sedan began to show defects in the first 1,000 km. Now Slavia is highly valued by both industry professionals and consumers for its dynamic and dynamic engine performance. However, EPC and other errors have slightly tarnished its image, something Harsha has recently encountered.

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Influencer regrets buying Skoda Slavia

Being an influence on the social network, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the Skoda Slavia on the social network. He says that after many years of hard work he was happy to buy “Slavia”. But the whole ownership experience was canceled before the completion of 1000 km due to serious transport problems. Already in the first month, Slavia suddenly lost power and stopped responding to driver input during ERROR: Auto Start / Stop and EPC display in the instrument cluster. The new vehicle must be sent to a service center, which will be returned after the next software update.

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However, just 11 days after the incident, he encountered a terrible EPC error that is common in medium-sized SUVs. However, this time the sedan will remain in the service center for 20 days, as the staff of the service center will not be able to accurately identify the problem and fix it once and for all. The list of problems includes EPC error, automatic start / stop, low system voltage (P0562) and high input of the input air temperature circuit (P0113).

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The social network influences Skoda Slavia, who regrets that she bought it after experiencing many inconveniences.

The service center staff asked him to read the instructions on how to bring the car to the service center in case of such errors. It is ridiculous that professionals are not able to find a permanent solution to these mistakes. We hope that Skoda will work to find a lasting solution to these problems so that its customers do not suffer in this way.

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