Influenced, the Florida man lifted the Mustang and drove the electric pole

Recently, the Tallahassee Police Department released a video showing what happens when a driver of a Ford Mustang is drunk.

Tallahassee police, posted on their social media channels on May 16, said it was one of four DUIs they attended over the weekend and fortunately no one was hurt in the crash, which saw the blue Mustang climb into an electric pole.

In the second video posted on Reddit (below), the driver jumps out of the car without stepping back. The angles given by the police department show why the driver could not get back, because the Mustang did not hit any of the wheels.

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Video Tallahassee PD

The driver is really happy, because the angle of the accident indicates that he is coming directly to the support. It seemed that hitting the guy’s wire took a lot of energy out of the car, otherwise it would have been aimed at a wooden pole. This can lead to a much more ugly face-to-face collision.

We imagine that the residents of the area were also happy, because this accident could easily knock down the column and create a very dangerous situation for all participants.

Constantly, the Mustang driver seems to have borne the brunt of the consequences of his erroneous decisions, and the sound of him falling down and falling back to the ground is very heavy in itself.

Tallahassee Police said: “We are grateful that all those involved in the incidents over the weekend have not been injured, but that driving is not allowed under the influence of alcohol. Not only can you be portrayed on this social network as this guy, you can be arrested, physically harming yourself or others, or killing someone (including yourself). Oh, and you can destroy your shiny new Mustang. ”

As for the driver’s answer? “Yes, it’s terrible.”

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