Independent designer Vyrinys – a retro-futuristic look of the classic Aston Martin GT

This is an independent design study by Andris van Overbeck that has nothing to do with or approve of Aston Martin.

Aston Martin has always been popular with fashionable but sporty GT cars and the company can always improve this formula in every era of cars. Digital artist Andris van Overbeck He decided to solve this test by imagining the Aston coupe, which will turn the past and the present into the car of the future.

According to Aston Martin’s “V” naming scheme (Vantage, Vanquish, Valkyrie, Valhalla, etc.), the name was chosen as “a human element in respect of sculptors throughout history and the art of hand-shaping their faces.”

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The minimalist design of the car was inspired by two defining cars for the Aston Martin: the old DB4 GT Zagato and the modern Valkyrie, both of which were the pinnacle of the British carmaker’s capabilities at the time. Just as Aston did with Victor by combining elements of the old V8 Vantage and modern Volcano, van Overbike created with Vyrinys by combining DB4 GT Zagato and Valkyrie.

The overall sculptural shape of the Vyrinys is derived from DB4, as well as fans and wire wheels, but the dramatic proportions are much more reminiscent of a modern car with a very long hood, high waistline and massive flapping wings. There are small amorphous headlights from Valkyrie, as well as a Quintessential Aston Martin grille made from the negative space of the bumper edge. We didn’t usually expect the front lines to work well with a different rounded shape of the body, but somehow Van Overbeck pulled it off.

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The design on the back is a combination of the two cars compared to the front, which is like a combination of new and old. It retains the very round theme of the car as a whole, with only one crust to help identify the bumper. In addition, the old school round taillights add a modern touch, complemented by an LED light strip that visually connects them. The rounding design is a Valkyrie-style diffuser that goes well with the rest of the back.

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