In Texas, 46 years later, 1 out of 14 Plymouth Chemi Kuda envelopes were found.

One of the rarest muscle machines is undoubtedly the 1970-71 Plymouth Chemie ‘Kuda envelope machine, and one was towed out of a dusty warehouse for the first time since 1976.

This is one of the 14 produced in 1970 with a three-stroke black Hemi engine ‘Cuda convertible. The muscle car also differs from other Hemi Cuda Cabriolets in that it has a 1 in 5 with a four-speed manual transmission.

The panel tag contains the alphanumeric code BS27R0, which places the options. Mopar Connection Log broke the code as read: B (Car Line) = Barracuda, S (Price Class) = Special (‘Cuda), 27 (Corp) = Convertible, R (engine) = 426 Hemi, 0 (model year) = 1970.

TX9 “Black Velvet” paint, J45 suction pins, A22 housing colored elastomer bumpers, L31 rope-mounted turn indicators, P31 power windows and finally R22 8-track radio are included in the set. As for the number “KK HEMI”, it means “King Kong Hemi”.

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Photo by Apex Autosports

After months of predictions and questions from those who know about transport, Apex Motorsports The new owner, Houston, Texas collector Darryl Vishnyussky, has confirmed that he already has a number of rare and valuable mopars, but this is his first E-Body Hemi.

The car has been known among collectors for some time, so it is not a previously unknown, newly discovered or unregistered Cuda. However, this means that the car was first published in 46 years, Wischnewssky became the second owner.

Wischnewssky did not intend to restore the rare muscle vehicle, but updated it with an original and periodically correct set of Rallye wheels complemented by Polyglas tires.

Cuda will be on display at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in front of the entrance.

Photo by Apex Autosports

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