In Florida, a couple collided with a Nissan FedEx truck, and the “beginning of the road” incident was wrong.

Earlier this week, a black Nissan Rogue was the first to hit a FedEx delivery vehicle in Fort State. Lauderdale, Florida, and even if it’s not very interesting, what is interesting about this story is what Nissan passengers were doing at that time.

Fort Lauderdale firefighters who arrived at the scene said a female SUV passenger had oral sex with a male driver at the time. Apparently, the driver became anxious, forgot to drive, got into the oncoming car and hit a FedEx truck.

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Authorities say the Nissan driver was injured. ahmgroin area, two people in FedEx truck were slightly injured, ABC local 10 states.

The damage to both vehicles looks very comprehensive. The front of the SUV was destroyed by a FedEx van, and photos show it being towed from the scene. Similarly, the front of the FedEx van was badly damaged and the airbags failed during the accident.

It was a tragedy for everyone involved, especially for the man in the picture, who was lying on the ground with his pants around his ankles and surrounded by law enforcement officers. Although injuries may improve over time, overcoming discomfort can take longer for a couple.

Interestingly, a study by students at the University of South Dakota was opened Zhalopnik 33 percent of male students and 9 percent of female students had sex while driving. Most of the respondents admitted that these actions caused them to go out of their way.

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