Hyundai will kill the original Ioniq this summer

The original Hyundai Ioniq has reached the end of the road, as production will end next month at the company’s plant in Ulsan, South Korea.

Although Ioniq has not had much sales success, the company noted that when it was released in 2016, it was the world’s first car to offer three electrified power circuits – hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery-powered. As a result, he died. “It marks the end of an important chapter in Hyundai’s recent history.”

The model was previewed in 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show with the i-oniq concept, which first appeared as an “electric sports hatchback with a scalable gasoline engine”. This installation allowed the concept to travel only 74 miles (120 km) on electric power and a total of 435 miles (700 km).

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The concept eventually gave way to a production model that offered three different power supplies. The Ioniq Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid have a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine and 139 hp. (104 kW / 141 PS) has an electric motor that provides maximum performance.

Although the power units were similar, the plug-in hybrid version removed the 1.56 kW / h battery for a larger unit of 8.9 kW / h, allowing it to run on only 29 miles (47 km) of electricity. The hybrid, on the other hand, combines a fuel economy rating of 58 miles per hour in the city, 60 miles per highway and 59 miles per second.

The EV was released in the United States in 2022, but the 2021 model has 134 hp. (100 kW / 136 PS) and a 38.3 kW / h battery powered by an electric motor with 218 pound-feet (295 Nm) of torque. This gave Ioniq Electric an EPA estimate of 170 miles (274 km), which surpassed the initial level Nissan Leaf, but 259 miles (417 km) less than the Chevrolet Bolt.

Although Hyundai says it will not be a direct successor to the Ioniq, the model will be effectively replaced by the Ioniq 6.

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