Hyundai will invest $ 10 billion in the United States by 2025 to develop manufacturing and innovation

Hyundai today revealed how it expects to become a leader in mobility in the United States, with plans to exceed $ 10 billion. The automaker plans to invest in electric vehicles, autonomous technology, robotics and air transport to ensure future growth.

The largest component of the plan is a $ 5.54 billion plant that will be Georgia’s first specialized electric battery plant. From 2025, Hyundai Motor Group will assemble more than 300 thousand units a year.

Hyundai also says it has allocated money for other investments in key areas for future success. These strategic investments allow it to offer a variety of mobility products and services for security and convenience.

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The growth of Boston Dynamics will be a key element of its plan, as it hopes to accelerate mass production of future products. This will allow it to improve the range of robot products and offer a range of mobility solutions based entirely on the company’s technology.

Hyundai Motor Group also announced that it will continue to invest in autonomous driving. He has already set up a joint venture with Aptiv, Motional, which will test robotic taxis on U.S. roads. The automaker says it is working with other U.S. partners to accelerate its efforts to bring driverless technology to the public.

It is also looking for more US partners in the field of artificial intelligence to enhance its competitiveness. By investing more in artificial intelligence, it hopes to expand its business infrastructure, achieve carbon neutrality and use the technology in its business.

Finally, it will also continue to work to make improved air mobility a reality. Hyundai Motor Group plans to work with Supernal to create autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles in the near future. It also works in an app that plans a full route for you, taking you to a helicopter and to your final destination.

Following a meeting with US President Joe Biden in Seoul, Hyundai Motor Group CEO Eysun Chung said, “We have come a long way and been very successful in a short time, but we are also preparing for the future.” “The Group will strengthen partnerships with US public and private entities to provide innovative products and mobility solutions to our valued customers in the United States, as well as support global carbon neutrality efforts.”

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