Hyundai Creta – competitor Toyota Hyryder – What you need to know

The mid-size SUV segment is heating up with the arrival of Toyota’s new product, which will also be available under the Maruti Suzuki brand.

The upcoming Toyota Hyryder SUV is currently on all topics and its presentation may take place on July 1, 2022. It’s time for Toyota-Suzuki to launch a Maruti-branded product, promoting the joint venture. (and another name, YGF) contrasts with previous products on our market, such as Baleno-Glanza and Brezz-Urban Cruiser. Powerful Toyota develops its own, which makes it a completely new product in India. The goal is to oppose the domination of the Korean brothers Crete and Celtos.

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Upcoming Toyota Hyryder SUV

There are several spyware sites on the Internet. If there are comparable international models, Hyryder has a cluster of bright headlights with LED DRL lights, a wide front grille, a sports bumper with fog lights, a vertical hat for SUVs, stylish alloy wheels, body side cover, black side lights and taillights. sturdy rear bumper.

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Expected capacities

According to the information in the video, the power block versions in Hyryder can be very futuristic. It may be the only soft and powerful hybrid medium-sized SUV in the country. Recommended diesel engines are not available. 120 hp A powerful hybrid engine can be a great alternative. Soft hybrid engine with 100 hp. The video also says that there may be a choice between a manual or CVT automatic transmission.

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The upcoming Toyota Hyryder SUV will compete with the Hyundai Creta.

The interior opens closer to the launch, but we can expect standard modern equipment such as a large touchscreen information system, a cluster of digital devices, the technical capabilities of the connected car, a smartphone connection with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, automatic AC, steering controls. , premium surface, electric front seats, etc. The styling and power chain could be the prices that will drive the upcoming Toyota Hyryder SUV from Crete and Celtos.

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