HMV FreeWay EV responded to the 1979 gas crisis with 4 HP.

Gas prices are at record levels, but this is not the first time in the history of the car that we had to pay for the pumps through the nose. As the price goes up, someone comes up with a wild idea that will help drivers save money.

One of those wild ideas was HMV FreeWay by Dave Edmonson of Minnesota, who hated saying goodbye to gas money during the 1979 oil crisis. HMV stands for “high mileage” and the FreeWay gas-powered version is a must. Edmonson has a 12-horsepower (12 PS) single-seat, 84 mph for a single-cylinder fiberglass trick and a more focused 16 hp performance. (16 PS) required a slightly less impressive 60 mph for the version, although we definitely use the word ‘performance-oriented’, not ‘Ferrari’.

Power was transmitted to the CVT gearbox and then to the rear wheel via a circuit. If you want to push back, you have to ask for a push or go outside and do it yourself. Drum braking was equally simple, but you got the ability to get a completely independent suspension and power, but don’t worry too much. HMV is only 4 hp for its EV. (4 PS) power, and while the Freeway should be lightweight, it has very low power consumption.

If the idea of ​​owning an electric car, which makes up 0.2 percent of the Rimac Nevera’s output, makes your engine noisy, you need to help yourself. Bring a trailer to See the example of 1980. Listed as a non-working project, it will take some time to get it back on track, but it may be possible to upgrade the treadmill and turn it into the type of EV Edmonson dreamed of building, but the technology didn’t allow time.

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As purchased from its original owner last year, this FreeWay is equipped with a black vinyl bucket seat, an 80-mile (129 km / h) speedometer, the top two-thirds of which is virgin territory, and that’s for you. pick up. When you get from A to B, using as little energy as possible, you don’t need or don’t need much.

From 1979 to 1982, Edmonson was able to produce about 700 vehicles at his base in Burnsville, MO. gas prices have skyrocketed After the Iranian revolution and the subsequent slowdown in oil exports, we can imagine that interest was initially strong enough.

But in the early 1980s, oil prices fell again, so on the way to work to save a few cents, you were afraid to drive a tent with 18 semi-trucks. Let’s hope someone saves it. Cars like FreeWay are interesting points on the road to mass adoption of electricity, and some people are reminded that they have reached a compromise, ready to miss the next one.

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