Here are all the features and specifications of the “Funny” 682 HP Cadillac Escalade V.

The 2023 Cadillac Escalade V is truly a great SUV because it has a 682 horsepower high-charged V8, but there is more. An in-depth look at the vehicle reveals some of Doug DeMuro’s incomprehensible capabilities and gives us an idea of ​​its overall value proposition. What he gets is not as sure as he would like to bet.

The paper does not say that there should be an Escalade V. Its full-size luxury SUV has all the important aspects a buyer might want, from power to comfort to technology. It delivers more power than the CT5-V Blackwing, has three full-size series, and can even shoot down the highway without a hitch, thanks to the SuperCruise.

But wonderful things do not end there. DeMuro demonstrates some of the technology of SUVs, such as the Stealth mode for the release of sedative gas to keep small animals and children safe. In addition, the keys will match the color to any brake caliber you choose. It even shows an excellent cluster of reality meters supplemented by alternating directions.

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Despite all these wonderful moments, the Escalade V may not be as special as it looks. It’s worth noting that the V has more options than the Platinum finish, which starts at $ 105,840. For example, the interior is almost the same, except for many V signs.

Worst of all, many interior details don’t really feel or look fashionable. Of course, the big display of information entertainment and driver information is great, but the switching device itself can come off the bolt and we don’t know the difference. Apparently, Cadillac knows where to cut corners and where not to.

The carmaker DeMuro told him that about 60 percent of Escalade buyers would not buy other performance SUVs. This means that there is no need to offer more, because people want an advanced model, even if it means paying about $ 50,000 to get the most powerful version with the same capabilities.

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