Go under the old school with this beautifully restored 1977 GMC Jimmy Casa Grande

Overlanding has gained popularity, but it’s not new, and it’s clear from the 1977 GMC Jimmy Casa Grande. At the Mecum auction next month.

One of the reported 225 released models, this actual model has undergone a “comprehensive overhaul” and is still showing its original graphics.

Although the list is light due to the specifications, the SUV has a gold and white exterior, as well as a removable roof, which is replaced by a fiberglass camper. The latter is the star of the show, as it has many windows and a large back door.

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Entering the cabin, we can see the classic two-way steering wheel, wood trim and brown front seats. Of course, the old woman is a real feature, and the old brochure shows that the model is equipped with a “convertible double chair” and a standard dining table.

The Casa Grande has a spacious kitchen with two fireplaces and a stainless steel sink with an electric pump, as well as a five-gallon (22.7-liter) water tank. This particular model looks like a higher version, as we see that it looks like a 5000 BTU LPG heater and looks like an additional refrigerator. They are combined with a large storage cabinet and a floating ceiling, which boasts a space of more than 6 ‘7 inches in the interior.

Although the Jimmy Casa Grande comes with a standard three-speed manual and 5.7-liter V8 engine, this model may have an additional 6.6-liter (400 cubic inches) V8 and Turbo Hydra-matic transmission. Despite the power connection, the SUV was standard with four-wheel drive.

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Photo credit: Mecum

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