Ford says the double-rated F-150 lightning bolt was a “mistake” at dealers, but ignores others.

Car production lines still do not produce enough cars to meet dealers’ needs in lots, and with this in mind, many dealers have resorted to wild pricing of vehicles to meet their lower limits. Now, a Ford spokesman says a Florida dealer mistakenly priced the F-150 Lightning at $ 69,000, but they say nothing about the others.

First published on the site, the photo of the truck window sticker in question shows an additional mark of $ 1,495 for “Dealer-installed accessories”. After reviewing the added items, we are not sure if they are worth the price.

First aid kit, roadside first aid kit, nitrogen-filled tires and take, fence wells. In addition, the vehicle’s environmental protection package includes protection from paint sealant and fabric stains. It is important that fans notice the blue color on this window sticker.

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Blue window stickers or Monroney stickers are only affixed to non-commercial mannequins or test specimens. In this particular case, the F-150 Lightning shown here is specifically used for test drives to help potential customers feel better about what to expect if they decide to order.

Mike Levin, a spokesman for Ford, noted the state of the truck demonstration when he published the article. Teslarati this highlighted the designation. He explained that the $ 69,000 price increase was a mistake made by the MSRP twice. It is clear that the sticker was removed and replaced within 24 hours.

While it was good for Mr. Levin to explain the situation in public, this did not prevent many commenters from answering him with additional questions about other indications, such as whether he was wrong. One Twitter user with the @Future_yas handle sent screenshots of seven more trucks with significant signs to Levine.

There were a lot of users who sent similar messages. At the time of writing, neither Ford, nor its CEO, nor even Mr. Levin have addressed these specific messages directly, and frankly, silence has been heard.

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