Ford expects to receive many additional cash payments for extended driver assistance systems

Thanks to modern technology, cars are even more advanced. With this in mind, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently spoke at the 2022 Alliance Bernstein Strategic Solutions Conference and developed a plan for the brand’s future that includes, among other products, expensive driver assistance systems. This is only part of the goal to increase revenue to $ 20 billion by 2030.

First noticed FordAuthority, Farley’s comments make it clear that Ford will not be left behind and will not allow other automakers to innovate in space. Ford wants innovation with its Ford Pro and Ford Pro Commercial on-air software capabilities.

Many of the features you plan to monetize are advanced driver assistance capabilities, such as BlueCruise and ActiveGlide, that allow the driver to be less physically active at the wheel. Farley wants to add autonomous features that have not yet been released.

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“I think this is the biggest, most exciting kind of success in our industry since the T Model … I really believe … we used our phones to make calls, then the embedded systems were launched and the sensor kit and all the software made these devices just calls. allowed not to use it for “, – said Farley.

According to him, cars are changing the same technological paradigm. “It simply came to our notice then. Not only at Tesla, but when we see the price power of ADAS, we all have something amazing … it’s like the first shipping software that consumers can send to a car that’s really willing to pay a lot of money.

It should be noted that Farley is not talking about a very small salary here either. It doesn’t even mean something like Tesla’s monthly FSD subscription, which costs $ 99 or $ 199. Instead, Farley thinks the brand gets paid much more.

“If we can force people to sleep in the car, give them time to go to work in 45 minutes, they can go to work in 45 minutes, they can go home 45 minutes earlier. It won’t be $ 5,000. It will be tens of thousands of dollars. Just as Apple and all smartphone companies have changed the call, we are going to change the way. I think when this happens, if you can send a lot of software to the car and you have great sensors, it will really change the experience and if it is much more productive, it will be a big revenue expansion, ”he said.

While it is great to be able to turn on the feature after the initial purchase, a plan can ultimately incur significant costs to the consumer. For example, there have been cases where Tesla has removed features from second-hand cars because the new owner did not pay for them.

Of course, many companies require you to pay for these options right now, so there is not much to worry about. How do you feel about the above opportunities? Are you willing to pay a hefty price for the freedom to sleep on a daily basis?

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