Ford EcoSport production resumed at Chennai plant

While Ford’s Sanand plant in India used to produce Figo and Aspire, the Chennai plant was the only production center for EcoSport in the United States.

In a new development, Ford has resumed production at its plant in Chennai, India. While this news may appeal to thousands of fans across the country, it should be noted that production has resumed to produce the last batch of Ford EcoSport SUVs for export only. Production stopped on May 30 when several workers went on strike. This was done to require an improvement in the layoff package. However, the carmaker says it has agreed to reinstate more than 300 workers.

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At its plant in Chennai, India, Ford produces EcoSport, mainly for export to the US market.

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Production of the Ford EcoSport will resume

According to the PTI, the automaker said in a statement: “The Chennai plant has resumed operations on June 14 in two shifts. More than 300 people have agreed to resume production, and it is growing. For employees who continue the illegal strike, the loss of wages came into force on June 14 in accordance with certified permanent orders. According to the union, more than 150 people did not go to work. “Some employees have joined the service,” he said. About 100-150 of them. Others who went on strike inside the plant have now left the unit and continued their strike outside.

Ford India said the layoff package will only be available to employees who have resumed work since June 14 and help the company fulfill its Ford EcoSport order. According to the carmaker, a very limited export order for SUVs is nearing completion. According to a PTI official, the union has not yet accepted the dismissal package, but is ready to discuss it with management.

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Dismissal package

Ford said many of its employees have questions about the redundancy package and have asked for more time to agree. Thus, the carmaker has extended the deadline for submissions until June 18, 17.00. The union is guided by the dismissal package.

“On June 20, another meeting is scheduled with the participation of the Deputy Commissioner for Labor and management and staff,” the official said. Ford offered a total salary package of approximately 115 days for each completed year of employment. This is higher than the mandatory dismissal package. The carmaker said: “Total amounts are subject to a minimum of 30 rupees and a maximum of 80 rupees.” Employees who refuse to release the last batch of Ford EcoSport in the United States will be fined.

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