Ford beats Tesla to deliver F-150 Lightning to pre-ordered customer in Michigan

Although Ford officially announced its electric pickup after Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, the Detroit automaker delivered its first production model before the Tesla began assembling the truck.

On Thursday, Ford officially delivered its first F-150 Lightning to Nicholas Schmidt. Bloomberg. The first example is the city of Stendish in Michigan, which now has a population of less than 1,500.

Schmidt is the chief technology officer of the network optimization startup, and refuses to use the standard F-150 to free up space at the entrance to the silver-plated F-150 Lightning, which corresponds to his family’s Airstream trailer. Although this was an important moment for Ford, Schmidt said he would treat his truck like a truck.

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“We live in the woods and I look at the cornfield next to me,” he said. “We cut wood and move things back and forth, as well as tow a trailer.”

Schmidt is not an old pickup truck driver. CTO already owns a Tesla Model 3 and has a deposit with Cybertruck.

“No one believed him because it was the ugliest thing they had ever seen,” he said. “But it was $ 100, and I realized what could be worse?”

Although Tesla expressed early confidence in the truck, it has been three years since it was announced and the delivery date has not yet been set. This allowed manufacturers such as Ford and others to gain and regain some market share in the EV.

“When I bought a Tesla a few years ago, my family was very nervous as farmers, but they didn’t buy it,” Schmidt said. “So when the pickup trucks with electric cars came out, I said, ‘Whoever comes first, I’ll buy it.’

Given the importance of the Ford pickup segment and its drive to electrify, it is certain that more consumers will hopefully feel the same way.

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