Facelifted 2023 Audi A6 has been introduced with very subtle styling updates

The current Audi A6 has been with us since 2018, in the middle of its life cycle. Our spy photographers were able to capture the face of the car during testing, and it seems to contain only minor updates.

Unlike the A8 facelift, the updated A6 seems to retain the same headlight design as the previous model, but other than that, the changes in the car are very subtle. The only difference on the front is the design of the lower corner inputs and the possible graphics between those inputs and the headlights. It has also been reported that there will be some minor updates to the grid, but this does not seem to be the case on the test machine.

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Some parts of the rear also receive upgrades such as taillights and lower bumper, but I’m sure it’s too much under the camo. Note that this is the S-Line model, so we can see some significant changes in the basic model. It’s just a facelift, so we couldn’t imagine the individually updated design being too wild.

Audi did not go through the difficulties of covering the interior, that is, if there are any changes, they may be small. Whenever possible, the interior will remain virtually identical to the previous model, with the only changes (if any) to the infotainment software and possible upholstery / finishing options.

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Engine options can also be switched from the pre-charging model with built-in four and V6 options for American consumers (soft hybrids are also standard), as well as diesel and clutch hybrid power transmissions for others. markets.

The updated Audi A6 is expected to debut later this year, production and sales will continue in the coming months, and prices should be similar to the current model.

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Image Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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