Even after Tesla fans reduced the uncertainty fund, they asked Musk to return the press office.

In 2020, Tesla became the first automaker in the mass market to disband its press office. Now well-known supporters of the automaker, in particular, investors are asking Elon Musk to return it.

Updated calls for a section to send media inquiries to Tesla came last week after confusion over CEO Elon Musk’s tweets and Tesla’s combined workforce reports. The result of the confusion was a significant decline in Tesla shares.

Now Gary Black, a managing partner of the future fund and a prominent Tesla supporter, has taken to Twitter to support the return of the official press department. Car news.

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“I have said this several times about TSLA’s refusal to invest in PR,” Black wrote. “If you’ve never been to a game, you can’t complain about losing.”

Twitter was particularly affected by an email seen by Reuters in which Musk said he had a “very bad feeling” about the economy and that Tesla’s payroll should be cut by 10 percent. In the absence of a section to respond to media inquiries, reports widened and the company’s share price plummeted on Friday.

Although Musk later took to Twitter to explain that the company’s paid workforce could stagnate in the near future and that its hourly workforce could increase, but reports have affected the company’s stock and left it unresolved.

This is not the first time that the PR department has decided on the news cycle that affected the share price. In April, a bogus press release from lithium producer Lithium Corp sent the company’s stock price rising and then falling. His PR department was able to rectify the situation, but without Tesla’s release, the confusion lasted a long time.

As a result, Tesla’s share price fell about 10 percent on Friday, and investors want the PR department to suppress volatility.

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