Drag Race – KTM RC200, RS200, Bajaj F250, N250, Yamaha R15

A group of YouTubers gathered and decided to race on 5 bikes: KTM RC200, Bajaj Pulsar F250, N250, RS200 and Yamaha R15. Now, except for the R15, all of these bikes have similar engines with almost the same power consumption. This competition will be interesting. People who want to buy any of them can get a fair idea of ​​the real world performance that is expected from these bikes. Let’s see who won this special competition.

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Drag Race – RC200 and N250, F250, RS200, R15.

All YouTubers create this image on their own bikes. For reference, all 4 bikes except R15 produce power in the 24-25 PS range. The Yamaha R15 produces only 18.4 PS of power, as evidenced by the way it performs. In the first attempt, 3 out of 5 riders started the race early, which was a bit disappointing. Soon, however, all the bikers were at a short distance from each other. Only R15 struggled a bit. In the end, the twins F250 and N250 won first place.

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To make the results consistent and accurate, the bikers decided to move the bikes to the 2nd round. However, this time the race started fairly. We witnessed a comparison of the actual performance of all 5 bikes. It is known that Pulsar 250 twins ruled the house from beginning to end. The first push of the Bajaj Pulsars is very impressive, leaving competitors behind.

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Drag Race – KTM RC200, RS200, Bajaj F250, N250, Yamaha R15

In the end, the F250 and N250 KTM RC200 finished 3rd and won thanks to their excellent performance at high speeds. The Pulsar RS200 worked to its full potential, while the Yamaha R15 came in last, not surprisingly. However, it is commendable that it can compete with other bicycles with large engines. But this mega drag race between RC200, F250, N250, RS200 and R15 clearly shows the level of performance of Pulsar bikes.

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