1980 Ferrari 512 BB Koenig Special pure 1980s advantage

At the time, there were very few companies or people who dared to change Ferrari, but one of the most successful was Koenig, which adds more savagery to Maranello’s models.

Koenig is a German tuning house founded by Willie Koenig, who was an independent race car driver. Dissatisfied with the performance of the 365 GT4BB he bought in 1977, he started the company to turn Ferrari back into a “proper sports car.”

This actual 1980 512 BB is only 57,629 miles (35,809 miles) new, and in April 2022, Ferrari specialist Dario Saurer recently serviced the overall setup, as well as a new time belt and shift regulator. overhauled transmission. The interior and exterior of the unrepaired car are in very good shape, with only a few fragments of stone and worn leather.

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The Ferrari 512 BB, which began operating in the German market, was replaced in 1983 by its second owner, the Koenig Special. It included a stunning body set with a rear wing, gold mesh edges and extended front splits.

Behind the driver sits a 4.9-liter apartment-12, which, thanks to some engine tuning, produces 450 horsepower, and power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a two-disc five-speed mechanical transaction.

512 BB put up for auction Assembling carswhere it was sold for 166,666 euros ($ 175,322). The sale also included a number of original documents, including information about the Koenig collection.

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