DMC changes the aeronautics of your Ferrari Roma and gives it 708 HP

German tuning company DMC has just introduced its aerodynamic package for Ferrari Roma.

All new exterior parts designed for Roma are made of bare carbon fiber, available in a matte or glossy finish. The first of these new parts is the amazing front splitter, which not only adds aggression to the otherwise smooth and flowing design of the DMC novel, but also adds a bit of shooting power to the front.

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The tuner then developed custom side skirts for Ferrari that attach directly to standard rocker panels. The aerodynamics package also includes a rear lip spoiler and a rear diffuser insert. Although not described here, DMC has also teamed up with PUR Wheels to create a set of black alloy wheels for Roma with dimensions of 21 × 9 on the front and 22 × 12 on the rear, wrapped with 255/30 and 315/25 tires. .

Round sports springs, which reduce the travel height by 35 mm. DMC customers can also change the interior in any way they choose with different leather and Alcantara options.

Some changes have also been made under the hood. Although DMC does not interfere with the internal parts of the Roma, it has developed a control module for the engine control system, which allows it to adjust things such as injection, ignition and amplification. These changes resulted in his 88 hrs. and adding 94 pound-feet (128 Nm) of torque, giving the Ferrari a cool 708 hp. and 655 pound-feet (888 Nm) of torque, allowing it to reach 100 km / h (62 miles). ) in just 3.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 326 km / h (202 mph). DMC says it also optimizes the throttle response, and the added vibration is also useful for accelerating the transmission.

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