Did the next generation joke about the 2023 Suzuki Swift Gran Turismo racing car?

For all video game lovers, this Suzuki concept has a Hayabusa engine, but its style may be a guide to the next generation 2023 Swift.

Suzuki has developed a new concept for the latest Gran Turismo 7. However, there are many speculations that this open-top two-seater styling package will be visible even in the next gene 2023 Suzuki Swift. We know how enthusiastic people are about racing games. Moreover, they are more addicted to their cars in the gaming world. For a professional game like the GT 7, most car manufacturers around the world are developing digital concept versions of their cars. Suzuki has developed its own car with a hybrid power plant, its engine Hayabusa and electric motor. Here are the details of this unique product –

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Suzuki concept with Hayabusa engine for Gran Turismo 7

Although the car prepared for the virtual racing game is open for two seats, it is clear that several design features here belong to the Swift family. The wide black grille seems to be derived directly from Swift Sport, which is sold in international markets. The backlit flashlights visible in the concept are expected to be in the next generation of the 2023 Swift. In addition, the front fascia of the concept has a large splitter with aero holes. The hood is removed on both sides and the height of the car is too low to turn it into a racing vehicle. The attractiveness of the side profile with a beautiful pattern of solid array alloy wheels. The rear wheel arches have the characteristic creases of a wide door panel.

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The back is also quite aerodynamic. The glossy LED elements inside the taillight body, which has an elongated back, give it a futuristic design. It has a large rear diffuser with dual exhaust pipes for a sporty look. The whole silhouette is designed with aerodynamics and racing characteristics in mind. The interior of this car is designed to remember the racing community. The steering wheel comes in the form of a game console with buttons on both sides and in the middle. On both sides there are two digital mirrors that provide real-time transmission from the cameras.

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Suzuki Swift Gran Turismo
Interior of Suzuki concept for Gran Turismo 7

Features of Suzuki Swift Sport

This Suzuki Swift Sport is powered by a 1.6-liter built-in 4-cylinder VVT, DOHC gasoline engine that produces 135 horsepower at 6,900 rpm and 160 Nm at 4,400 rpm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The maximum speed of the sports hatchback is 193 km per hour and it takes only 8.7 seconds to reach a ton. On the other hand, the Gran Turismo 7 concept proposed by Suzuki has a 1.3-liter turbo gasoline engine and 3 electric motors from the Hayabusa sports bike. The total power of the hybrid engine is 432 hp. and 610 Nm. Power is applied to all four wheels to add excellent handling characteristics.

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