Detailed instructions on how to upgrade car tires in 2022!

Tire upgrade – yes or no

Tires are a part of your car that needs proper maintenance, as the braking of the car, the quality of travel, etc. Many factors depend on its size and operating conditions. Many people use their own tires, but now upgrading tires to larger sizes is an increasingly popular trend.

Tire upgrades are not required, as the tires that come with the car are good enough. Spare tires can be installed on any model after a thorough inspection of their balance, performance and quality. Therefore, most tire upgrades are usually done to improve its appearance rather than its performance.

Like any other update, it has a number of advantages and disadvantages in relation to various factors. The final decision on whether to replace normal tires with larger ones will depend on your preferences.

This article explains in detail how to enlarge tires, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of enlarging them.

Tire signs

Before we start multiplying them, let’s take a brief look at the signs in them and what they mean.

Renovation of car tires

Tire width: The first number after the tire name indicates the width of the tire in millimeters

Aspect ratio: This is the first digit after the / sign and indicates the height of the side wall as a percentage.

Circle diameter: This is a number preceded by the letter “R”. It shows the diameter of the edge in inches.

Load index: This indicates the maximum safe weight of the tire and is shown exactly behind the edge diameter.

Speed ​​index: it is marked with a letter indicating the maximum constant speed of the tire when the vehicle is fully loaded.

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Determining the correct tire size

  • When increasing the width of a new tire, it is important that your tires remain within 3% of the total diameter.
  • Another rule to keep in mind is that the width of the tire and the height of the sidewalls are inversely proportional. So when you increase one, you have to decrease the other to keep the balance.

You can enlarge the tires with any of the following methods.

  1. Wider tires, retaining the original wheels:

Here the alloys or edges remain stationary and wider tires are selected for installation. Keep in mind that newer, wider tires should remain within 3% of the total tire diameter.


Your tire measures 185/65 R15 and has a total diameter of 24.47 inches. From this you can get the following:

The width of the tire is 185 mm

Side wall height – 65% of thread width

Edge size – 15 inches

For example, you add 20 mm to the width of the tire and make the width of the new tire 205 mm.

This requires you to reduce the height of the sidewall by 10%, which means that the height of your new sidewall is now 55%.

In this method of lifting the wheels, we keep the edges as in the stock wheels. Thus, for tires of size 185/65 R15, the maximum increase we can get is 205/55 R15.

2. Enlarge both wheels and tires:

Another way to enlarge tires is to change the diameter of the wheels installed by the company. Tires, called low-profile tires, are mounted on enlarged edges. We need to keep the factors we used as in the previous example.

To illustrate, consider an illustration. For 185/65 R15 tires,

The total diameter is calculated as follows: (Side wall width x 2) + Edge diameter

That is, the total diameter of our tire is 25,469 inches

Pros and cons of tire augmentation

First, check out the benefits of enlarging your tires.

  • This gives your car a bold position and makes it even cooler than before.
  • Tire augmentation is a quick and easy way to make your car special. This is a simple way to change it to suit your personality.
  • Wider tires also hold more ground due to the increased contact surface. It should provide better technical handling and stability at high speeds.
  • It also reduces braking distance and prevents slipping when braking at high speeds.
  • Extending the tires makes the sidewall thinner and makes it easier for the driver to turn.
  • In addition, the increase is a sure way to increase the overall performance of your vehicle, especially for drivers who drive low or excessive. Wider tires compensate for your steering gear and balance the vehicle.

Now about the disadvantages of enlarging your tires:

  • Enlarging the tires in your car will cost you more than a spare tire. How high it will depend on the model of your car and the type of tire you choose.
  • With the help of larger wheels, you have significantly increased the weight of the car body and thus the load on its engine. This in turn reduces engine performance and reduces your vehicle’s ability to accelerate.
  • Wider tires mean stability. It also means that the steering wheel must have a heavy hand to control the movement. This discourages drivers who are accustomed to pushing the steering wheel lightly, and those who go too far usually see it as an improvement.
  • The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is reduced by increasing the tires, as larger wheels with wider tires have increased traction on the road and have a negative effect on the vehicle’s rotation resistance. This way, the car automatically spins more than usual and consumes more fuel to keep moving.
  • Unsuccessful tires disrupt the speedometer reading. So make sure you choose the right tires that match the proportions of your car to make it work effectively. If the diameter of the new tires is larger than recommended, the speedometer will be damaged and other systems such as ABS, ETC, TPMS and ESP will also be affected.
  • Affects the quality of the car and is not always for the better. As the length of the sidewall is reduced, the bend of the sidewall is close to zero to absorb shocks from road impacts.

Now that we’ve given you all the factors to consider, what do you decide with your tires? Do you choose the older ones, or do you keep your tires as before?

If you decide to enlarge, always consult a professional before determining the size of new tires.

If you find this article useful, let us know in the comments section.

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