DC found a modified Mercedes S Class rotting in Delhi

DC is known for experimenting with cars in all segments, and this modified Mercedes S-Class looks like one of their south-facing projects.

A Mercedes S-Class modified by DC Design was found rotting on the side of the road in Delhi. Now DC has developed many strange and tragic models, but this is not the reason why people leave them on the side of the road. Situations like this underscore the importance of the Scrappage policy needed to clear such samples from our paths and recycle them into new products. Let’s look at the details of this model here.

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Rotting DC modified Mercedes in Delhi

This S-Class is descended from the W126 generation of the 1990s. DC has developed this modified version, which is completely different from the S-class. The front has a large grille similar to today’s Mercedes models, but the body of the projector’s headlights is significantly different. In addition, the front bumper is designed to give the sedan a wider body look that is visible in race cars. The concept of a wide body continues on the side panels. The sloping top line on the side is very beautiful, the top line neatly matches the boots.

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In addition, there is a silver air duct right behind the side guard, which may not work. The tail section performs an interesting and strange theme from the front. The taillights shown in this video are something to expect from a DC car. In addition, there is a large silver component in the middle of the bumper that looks like an elongated skating rink. It has white-and-silver alloy wheels and low-profile tires that fit a high-performance interior like the S-Class. The exterior and interior of the car are very scary.

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DC Modified Mercedes S-Class Rotting in Delhi

Hundreds of such cars are now abandoned on the streets of big cities. Often people call it the cost of expensive repairs. This may be true, as most of these modified cars have custom components and spare parts. Once destroyed, it is very expensive to import them. Moreover, a few years ago this process was difficult and expensive. Now everything is much easier and people were able to import parts at a lower price and repair their cars in the aftermarket.

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