Cyan Racing’s Volvo P1800 Restomod arrives in the United States with a $ 700,000 label

Cyan Racing unveiled its Volvo P1800 in 2020 and now has a base price of about $ 700,000 in the state.

The Volvo P1800 Cyan, which costs more than a pair of McLaren 720S coupes, is a product of the former Polestar team and will make its North American debut on August 9 at The Quail, Motorsports Gathering.

The company, which won five titles at the World Touring Car Championship and created the S60 / V60 Polestar, turned its attention to the classic P1800. The car is beautiful to look at, but the driving is not so great, so the engineers decided to repair things with different modifications.

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From under the hood, the Volvo S60 TC1 has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine based on a race-proven power system that won the race. He was 413 a.c. (309 kW / 420 PS) and 336 pound-feet (455 Nm) of torque, it screams up to 7700 rpm. The engine is mated to a custom five-speed manual transmission with the dog’s first gear “designed to replicate the mechanical feel of the original Volvo P1800, but with the ability to precisely shift gears and torque control”. modern power unit.

Although the company considered a range of different engines, they rejected the electric Volvo P1800. Christian Dahl, CEO of Cyan Racing, explained: “We want something more visceral that reflects the spirit of the 60’s with today’s technology.”

The new engine is just the tip of the iceberg, as the model is equipped with a carbon fiber body, reinforced structure and a wider way. The team also installed fully adjustable front and rear suspension, including aluminum supports, double supports and two-way adjustable shock absorbers with blue valves, including custom-made components.

They are equipped with limited sliding differential and 18-inch central locking wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires. The latter is equipped with four-piston gauges and steel discs measuring 14.2 inches (362 mm) at the front and 13 inches (330 mm) at the rear. However, there are no stability controls, anti-lock brakes or brake boosters, as the car “is all about the direct connection between the driver, the tires and the road.”

Although the model was immediately recognized as the P1800, the cabin was moved backwards, which, according to the company, “brings a slightly longer hood and front wings, creating a sporty silhouette.” The model is also equipped with unique bumpers, as well as prefabricated aluminum door handles, mirrors and a lighting block. In fact, according to Xian, only the steel in the original chassis, the exhaust release mechanism, the handbrake and the windshield wipers are transported.

Retro vibration is inevitable, but the cabin is more modern, as it is equipped with Recaro seats and digital instruments. They are equipped with custom devices that fit such a unique model.

In this regard, each car is designed according to the customer’s specifications and can be adapted to anything from a light, high-performance cafe-flight to a grand tour. As a result, your options are largely limited by your wallet and imagination.

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