Comparison of Jeep Meridian and Tata Safari

Jeep quickly gained market share and decided to use the space created by Ford Endeavor in India. This post compares it to another powerful product on the market, Tata Safari.

The Tata Safari is a powerful product in the mid-size SUV segment, and the arrival of the Jeep Meridian offers consumers an off-road alternative, and that guarantees a comparison. In recent years, Safari has made 7-seater mid-size SUVs popular with players such as the Mahindra XUV700 and MG Hector Plus. Meridian is a premium version of the mid-size 7-seater SUV space with products such as Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu MU-X and MG Gloster.

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Comparison of Jeep Meridian and Tata Safari Adventure Persona

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Jeep Meridian and Tata Safari Price comparison

Jeep Meridian Price (former exhibition hall)
Meridian Limited 29.90 million rupees
Meridian Limited AT 31.80 million rupees
Meridian Limited Opt 32.40 million rupees
Meridian Limited Opt AT 34.30 million rupees
Meridian Limited Opt AT 4 × 4 36.95 million rupees

Jeep gave a very aggressive assessment of its Meridian, the base model is less than Rs 30 lacquer, the former exhibition hall and the finish, which was sold in shades below 37 lap rupees, the former exhibition hall.

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Tata Safari Price (former exhibition hall)
Safari XE 15.25 million rupees
Safari XM 16.70 million rupees
Safari XMA AT 18.00 million rupees
Safari XT 18.20 million rupees
Safari XT Plus 19.00 million rupees
Safari XT Plus Dark Edition 19.25 million rupees
Safari XZ 19.95 million rupees
Safari XTA Plus 20.30 million rupees
Safari XTA Plus Dark Edition 20.55 million rupees
Safari XZ Plus 20.95 million rupees
Safari XZ Plus 6 seats 21.05 million rupees
Safari XZ Plus Kaziranga release 21.20 million rupees
Safari XZ Plus Adventure Edition 21.20 million rupees
Safari XZA AT 21.25 million rupees
Safari XZA Plus AT Dark Edition 22.55 million rupees
Safari XZ Plus 6-seater Kaziranga release 21.30 million rupees
Safari XZA Plus Gold AT 23.36 million rupees
Safari XZA Plus Gold 6-seater AT 23.46 million rupees

As you can see from the table above, there are many options to choose from in Tata Safari.

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Jeep Meridian and Tata Safari Technical characteristics

Exceptions 2022 Jeep Meridian Tata Safari
Engine 2.0 l turbo diesel 2.0 l turbo diesel
Power 170 a.k.a. 170 a.k.a.
Moment 350 Nm 350 Nm
Give up 9-speed automatic / 6-speed manual 6-speed manual / 6-speed automatic

Both SUVs come with the same power unit. This makes them so comparable. However, the main difference is that Safari does not offer a 4 × 4 drive and offers a Meridian.

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Jeep Meridian and Tata Safari Design comparison

The Jeep Meridian is based on a homogeneous architecture and comes with a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to seven passengers. It has a theatrical-style “stadium” seat and a panoramic sunroof. The exterior of the three-lane SUV features seven cell grilles, chrome inserts for the front bumper, roof rails, 18-inch diamond wheels, trapezoidal arches and silver forged skating rinks. The Jeep Meridian will also receive a new set of front and rear bumpers. It has rotating LED taillights, fog lights, LED headlights with integrated LED DRL and an integrated spoiler with a high stop light. The rear bumper also has horizontal reflectors.

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The SUV has a two-tone brown and black interior, a 10.1-inch free touch infotainment system, a nine-speaker Alpine music system, a fully digital instrument console, an electrically adjustable driver’s seat, an electric back cover, and ventilated front seats. , two regional climate control and wireless charging. In general, the three-lane SUV looks very bold and stylish. It preserves the true Jeep DNA of adventure and opportunity. Highlights include Front and Rear independent suspension and built-in driving dynamics. It is also equipped with reclining seats in the second and third rows (up to 32 degrees).

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On the other hand, the Safari hood has a thick front with prominent LED DRLs, a wide grille with chrome elements, a large bumper, headlights on both sides of the bumper, and a sturdy sliding panel. , with a vertical cap, gives it a muscular position. The side profile of the safari represents a tall child’s figure with roof rails, side steps for easy entry and exit, and large stylish alloy wheels. At the back, the glossy LED taillights are combined with a glossy black glass panel, which makes the tail very attractive and demanding.

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Inside, the Safari cabin feels premium with a structured control panel with wooden inclusions, soft touch material and metal inserts, an empty touch infotainment system, a cluster of driver digital instruments, automatic climate control, an electric hatch. The technical capabilities of the car, the ability to connect to a smartphone and the overall black and beige color theme increase its premium ratio. In general, his cabin is where you want to be.

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Both SUVs have their own characteristics. Although Meridian is, of course, a premium product, it is designed to allow the owner to capture any relief. However, these features are worth it. If you don’t have budget constraints and are sometimes looking for an off-road 7-seater SUV, the Jeep Meridian is a great choice. On the other hand, if you have a premium cab and are looking for a city SUV within your budget (compared to Meridian), Safari is your best bet.

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