Check the strength of the old and new Maruti Baleno by pressing and pushing

People come up with ridiculous ways to test the quality of car assembly, and that’s one such scenario.

Here’s a video of YouTuber testing Maruti Baleno’s build quality by pressing and pushing sheets and internal plastics. In fact, he compares the “results” of the current gene model with the prefeslifting version. We all need to know how delicate the pre-made Baleno’s body is, but this may not be the only criterion for assessing the design quality of the premium hatchback. We also know that Maruti has added some weight to the new model, which may not be due to improved construction quality again.

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Maruti Baleno assembly quality test

YouTube finds itself in the old Baleno, where it begins to “test” the quality of construction or the quality of materials by pressing the car from various parts from the outside. To his credit, he makes it clear that this cannot be called a construction quality test that takes into account a multitude of other parameters. But it can be called a material quality test. He lifts the hood of the car, presses the hood, and pushes the shields and door panels. All body parts are easily deformed, which means lightweight material. It can be said that it is too soft and can be detrimental to safety.

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It does the same process to check the quality of the interior material. Using it, it can be used to make door panels, switches, plastics used on the instrument panel, center console and gearbox housing, switches and buttons for HVAC, and more. can criticize. He then begins to apply the same measurement methods to his face. sample. There he felt his weight when he opened the hood. It can be used on hoods, railings, door panels, etc. shows that metals look much harder and do not deform easily. The sounds he uses to test doors and boots are also ridiculous.

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Maruti Baleno Comparison of quality by pushing and pressing

On the inside of the new Baleno, the quality of the material looks much better than the old model. The door panels are wrapped in fabric, the center console between the front seats uses new materials for extra strength, the control panel wears other plastics and the overall installation and finish looks better. However, many other things are required to qualify as a safe vehicle in the GNCAP tests.

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