Carlex Design leather Ferrari 812 GTS and Buffalo leather

For many of us, the very concept of a seat in a Ferrari would be interesting. Others have so much money that they are not satisfied with the factory-produced Ferrari. It should be hard, but there is Carlex for them.

The conversion of the Ferrari 812 GTS from Carlex already takes the most luxurious car and enhances it by working with all aspects of the interior.

According to Carlex, “the instructions were clear: the new interior should reflect the classic vintage style and the sporty nature of this unique car.” We had to add more so that no one would surpass their owners.

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To achieve this goal, the tuners turned to exotic materials. The car seats, door cards and other parts are made of leather. The material is derived from a species of antelope that is found in eastern and southern Africa. Carlex skin is considered stable because South Africa has committed slaughter to control the animal’s population, and the skins would otherwise be wasted.

Preferably, because the animal is wild, its skin is cut and scarred in a unique way, which makes each part unique and gives it an ancient look. For use in this Ferrari, the leather has a warm, caramel color that has a good effect on the gray exterior of the car.

Elsewhere, Carlex opted for black leather details to contrast with the caramel interior made of buffaloes instead of beef or kudus. In addition, the interior has unique seams, laser engraved motifs and metal markings. In addition, all plastic parts are painted in glossy black and the exterior is decorated with stickers to reflect the sporty nature of the car.

And it’s really sporty. Reasonably, the Carlex Ferrari engineers decided it did a great job and left the 6.5-liter V12 engine alone. This means that at 8500 rpm it still has 789 HP (588 kW / 800 PS) and 529 pound-feet (718 Nm) of torque at 7000 rpm, which, no matter how soft, should be enough to bother you with leather. . and it is unique.

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