BS6 Tata Nexon Aftermarket CNG Ownership Review

Car owners, tired of the ever-rising fuel prices, are forced to look for alternatives in the post-market industry, and CNG is emerging as a key solution, at least in large cities.

This video captures the installation process and an overview of the owner of the next CNG kit on Tata Nexon. Although it is no longer popular to equip SUVs with CNG kits, the astronomical price of fuel has convinced people to go there. Currently, Nexon sells like hot cakes, announcing regular sales every month. It comes with gasoline and diesel fuel, but the constant rise in fuel prices makes it difficult for people to use cars in urban traffic on a daily basis. Thus, CNG emerged as one of the main alternatives.

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Installing Tata Nexon Aftermarket CNG

YouTuber explains that he installed the CNG kit on Nexon without making too many changes to the engine compartment. They refused to cut any wires and did not damage other parts of the engine. This is seen when YouTuber opens the hood and shares visuals from inside. CNG parts are evenly integrated into the engine. At the customer’s request, the gas hose is located right next to the refueling outlet, not next to the engine, as in most CNG vehicles. The total cost of this kit is Rs 30,000 using an old cylinder.

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He also says that when RTO kits arrive, he will replace it with a new one and reduce the amount as a discount. The loading space is broken, but the cylinder placement is very compact and professional. Installing a CNG may make sense, as Tata plans to introduce a factory-supplied CNG power unit with Nexon. There have been many cases when people have been involved in the sport of test mules. However, there is no exact launch date yet.

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Representation image

The characteristics of the CNG power chain include a slight reduction in power and torque. Thus, the car’s responses may slow down slightly. The best thing is to save a few tons of fuel. It is unlikely that fuel prices will fall in the future. In fact, the current geopolitical situation may lead to their further rise. Do you want to switch to CNG to solve the fuel price?

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