British EV Brand One Moto opens an experience center in Pune

One Moto will be the first dealer in Maharashtra under Dhone E-World. It shows three models – Commuta, Byka and Electa

One Moto, a British EV brand that sells premium EVs in India, has unveiled its experimental center in Pune, Maharashtra. With the launch of the new center, potential customers will be able to use the entire range of products of the brand and get an idea of ​​the technology involved in making these offers. The newly opened hub is managed by Dhone Group under the registered name Dhone E-World LLP.

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(LR) Aditia Reddy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, One Moto India, Dr. Suhas Hardas, MD (Med) DM (Cardiology), FICCA (Australia), Syed Hussein Ali Khan, GM, Global Operations, One Moto India, Mohammed Muzammil Riyaz, founder and promoter of One Moto India, Mr. Santosh Dhone from Dhone E-World LLP

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One Moto Experience Center is located in the Dean’s District of the city and is close to educational institutions such as leading colleges and universities. This will provide young people with access to the center. The newly launched center promises consumers the best experience and a detailed presentation of the brand’s heritage with digital car displays. In addition, the center simplifies testing. The recently launched center was opened with the participation of senior cardiologist Dr. Suhas Hardas, MD (Med) DM (Cardiology), FICCA (Australia), One Moto India and senior management of the Dhone Group. The new experimental center, called One Moto India – Dhone E-World, features the latest One Moto electric scooters. These include:

  • Switch – maximum speed – 75 km / h; Distance – 100 km on one charge; Price – INR 1,36,500 *
  • Bull – Maximum speed – 85 km / h; Distance – 180 km on one charge; Price – INR 1,83,750 *
  • Electa – Maximum speed – 100 km / h; Distance – 150 km on one charge; Price – INR 1,99,500 *

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Mohammed Muzammil Riyaz, founder and promoter of One Moto India, commented on the launch of the experimental hub: “We understand that young people are the drivers of the country of tomorrow. Therefore, we have always wanted to introduce the concept to this segment of society and give them the best experience. It gives us great pleasure to be in touch with the Dhone Group. Our customer service philosophy is in line with the principles of our dealer partner. One Moto India Pune Experience Hub staff is well trained to provide the best after-sales service with a quality customer experience that allows the customer to enjoy the best stress-free EV ownership in the class.

The Dhone GROUP and One Moto have a certain set of common values ​​that make the Dhone Group a distributor for Maharashtra and Goa. At the inauguration, Dr. Suhas Hardas, MD (Med) DM (Cardiology), FICCA (Australia) said: This is the time when we should all come together to take EV to achieve our government-mandated e-mobility mission. Brands such as One Moto India and Dhone Group contribute to this mission by offering good quality products with advanced technology.

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one moto experience hub pune inauguration image
(LR) Mohammed Muzammil Riyaz, Founder and Promoter of One Moto India, Syed Hussein Ali Khan, Global Operations, One Moto India, GM, Mr. Santosh Done from Dhone E-World LLP, Dr. Suhas Hardas, MD (Med) DM (Cardiology ), FICCA (Australia), Aditya Reddy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, One Moto India

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Mr. Santosh Dhone from Dhone E-World LLP said: “We are delighted to bring to Pune the high quality electric scooter brand One Moto. It is a great honor to be in touch with One Moto India and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Dhone E-World, the premium of the best electric scooters in the class. We have created a center of strategic experience here, where the majority of young people. We are confident that we can offer them eternal experience, which will be written in words. “

* All prices ex-salon, India.

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