BMW iX and others will release a new OTA that brings the QlockTwo clock widget

BMW has released an on-site software update for the iX, and although it is not a game changer, it does show the frequency of updates that are launched for SUVs.

For this update, BMW has added a QlockTwo widget to the curved display. This fun clock uses a dictionary matrix and illuminated dots at each corner of the matrix to show additional minutes, indicating the time in writing every five minutes.

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OTA adds QlockTwo to the iX system and is available in a total of 16 languages, automatically accepting the language from the settings already used in the information entertainment system. The BMW 8 operating system also makes it easier for owners to add widgets to the main menu.

BMW has announced a number of other remote software updates. For example, the Lane Keeping Assistant now recognizes that the driver wants to restart after overtaking and no longer adjusts the steering wheel. This system can also adjust the speed of the lane change. For example, the slower the car exits the lane, the slower the car will turn back.

In addition, the BMW i4 can be equipped with the BMW IconicSounds Electric system by air upgrade. BMW has also announced an update for the 8th series that illuminates the kidney grid.

BMW’s remote software update system is currently available for more than 30 of its models, including almost all models equipped with the BMW operating system 7 and 8. Thus, more than 3.3 million BMW cars worldwide are compatible with the upgrade.

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