Blocking two speeds that are too close to each other will cause cars to fly away

You may agree that even if you call them slowing down or slowing down, they can be annoying, but in many places they are needed to slow down traffic and slow down. However, should the two be put in tandem? It looks strange.

The “11 feet 8” bridge it’s the most popular roadblock that has gone viral in recent years, but a new YouTube channel we’ve recently encountered, Speed ​​Bump Olympics, allows you to run money on the famous bridge.

For about a month, the owner of the channel has been sharing videos of cars crossing two speed bumps in front of his house. We don’t know why anyone would think it would be a good idea to place two high-speed reducers close together. However, it does make some interesting shots.

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Many drivers approach the first speed too fast, thinking that they can pass without slowing down. Then they hit a second speed, which sends most of them into the air. You can see that all types of drivers and vehicles are subjected to deceleration, including the police officer who drives a Ford Explorer, if you think they are on frequent patrols, you think they know about double speed violations.

The cars shown in the clip suffer from various bumps and scratches. Some release sparks into the air and scratch wallpaper that slows down. Others jump up and down, damaging their front and rear bumpers. Interestingly, the person behind the YouTube channel says that he has been resisting speeding for 11 years and has never seen an accident from them.

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