Bajaj Pulsar F250 and Yamaha R15M Drag Race

The famous YouTuber will hold a drag race between Bajaj Pulsar F250 and Yamaha R15 M to determine who will perform well.

This drag race between Bajaj Pulsar F250 and Yamaha R15 M shows the real world performance of these two popular motorcycles. Bajaj has made Pulsar for almost all segments of our market. There is a possibility to own Pulsar depending on people’s needs. On the other hand, cycling enthusiasts are loyal to Yamaha and the R15 range is popular among cyclists. Let’s find out who will win this drag race.

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Bajaj Pulsar F250 and Yamaha R15 M – Drag Race

Each of these bikes has two YouTubers. In the first attempt, Pulsar manages to launch the power that moves him from the beginning. R15 could not get close during the race. In fact, after a point, the Pulsar rider waits for the R15 and lets it pass. Even after that, the Pulsar overtook the R15 and overtook it confidently.

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For the second attempt, the winners decided to change their bikes. Initially, the two bikes faced each other for a short time, and Pulsar overtook the R15 to take the lead. For the rest of the race, Pulsar was very comfortable. During this operation, the rider was able to reach Pulsar at about 145 km / h before the wind began to increase. The R15 has also been able to do some fighting as it has full coverage, but the difference in power and torque between the two is significant.

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Although the Bajaj Pulsar F250 has a clear displacement advantage, the Yamaha R15M is aerodynamic and 22 kg lighter.

Comparison of features

The Bajaj Pulsar F250 is equipped with a 250 cubic meter air-cooled, fuel-efficient engine that produces a healthy 24.5 PS and a maximum torque of 21.5 Nm. This engine is mated to a five-speed transmission with an auxiliary and slipper clutch function. It will be sold in the former exhibition hall for 1.45 rupees. On the other hand, the Yamaha R15 155 cc SOHC FI comes with a single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which has a maximum power and torque of 18.4 PS and 14.2 Nm. R15 M cost 1.87 million rupees, the former exhibition hall.

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