Bajaj domain, which crosses the belt-deep river

It is becoming more and more common for people to try different tricks on mountain bikes, but they have a lot of risks.

This video captures Bajaj Dominar crossing a deep river in the Zanskar Valley in Ladakh. Among the riders is YouTuber, accompanied by another popular car YouTuber Gagan Chaudhary. They wrote a vlog about their trip to Ladakh and it happened between Rangdum and Padum. Let’s take a closer look.

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Bajaj Dominar on the belt-deep river

Now Dominar is a bike that you can’t always connect with an SUV. It is not for such adventures and difficult places. So when YouTuber encountered a river crossing, they knew it would be difficult to cross. Still, they tried to get the bike into the water. There is something about the water that makes it easy to cross rivers where the river channel is visible. But the water is often deep and strong. As expected, the biker stood in the middle and threatened to take him away.

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Gagan acted quickly, jumped into the water and asked YouTuber to let go of the bike and try to get up. Finally, he swam off his bicycle and managed to get out of the water on the other side. The bicycle stopped not far from him. He tried to tie a rope to pull her back. But the water was very strong. Luckily, they called a passing truck and two people helped youtuber get the bike out.

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The Bajaj Dominar belt is coming through a river that runs through a deep hill

The bike was badly damaged by water, and the YouTuber was soaked in ice water. He says he can’t feel most of his lower body. They decided to open the bike component to dry in the sun, but did not have the necessary tools. Water entered the engine oil compartment and coolant. Eventually, they had to take the bicycle and call Mahindra Kamper to repair it in a nearby village. From this we must understand that it is always a bad idea to test your happiness with water. Put your safety first, especially in such remote places.

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