Australian police have seized a Hyundai Ioniq 5 and a Toyota Mirai

Police in the state of Western Australia have brought new Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Toyota Mirai cars. The duo will undergo a comprehensive test to see if they are ready for the advanced police applications.

Both vehicles are equipped with all the necessary lights, sirens, WA police force brand and police radios. Ioniq will be tested at 5 state traffic police stations, as well as at stations in the Midland, Rockingham, Geraldton and Banberry districts. Mirai will be tested in the Freemantl area.

Assistant Police Commissioner Allan Adams said in a statement that WA police forces have begun investigating and testing “green” vehicles suitable for emergency police. “Toyota and Hyundai have provided vehicles to WA police forces for a long-term full operational test.”

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Electric and hydrogen vehicles, if they are selected for operational operation, must meet a rigorous testing process. The Ioniq 5 can be considered a Class 1 police vehicle, making it suitable for road patrol duties.

“We’re working hard to get these cars on the road more often,” Adams added. “Therefore, the combined efforts to introduce electric cars in the fleet are of great importance for society. (But) the purpose of the vehicles introduced during this test is to determine how well they can withstand the rigors of the operational police. “

Western Australian police have a wide range of vehicles, including the Kia Stinger, Chrysler 300, BMW 5-Series, BMW X5, Skoda Superb and even the Toyota Land Cruiser 78, which are used in remote areas of the state.

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