At $ 136,991, are you paying more for this 520-mile Rivian R1T release?

Fully electric, the Rivian R1T is one of today’s most popular electric cars and has begun to stand out against its fuel-fired competitors as it continues to deliver to consumers. Interestingly, one example went on sale recently IAAI but there is no obvious harm.

The R1T in question is sold as a Launch Edition model and is unlike most cars you can find IAAI and on other similar auction sites, Rivian is not in an emergency. In fact, it looks new and it’s almost.

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You see, the car is listed by the IAAI, but it is actually for sale Lewisville Auto Complex A dealership in Dallas, Texas, that stores many new and pre-owned vehicles. Its listing does not indicate why the original owner of the R1T said goodbye to it immediately, but confirms that it is being sold under a net Carfax account and has a asking price of $ 136,991.

The exterior of the electric pickup is a simple shade that Rivian calls LA Silver. The R1T is also equipped with two color black and silver wheels and a set of light yellow brake calipers. Given that the truck has only traveled 520 miles (836 miles), it’s no surprise that it’s in new condition and could be a great option for someone who isn’t ready to order and wait for a new R1T. months for delivery.

As you know, there are R1T features. They include an advanced pneumatic suspension system, a powerful sliding cover, a Meridian Elevation audio system and all four-cornered 275 / 65R20 Pirelli Scorpion All-Terrain tires.

The demand price of 136,991 US dollars is very high. In fact, the R1T can be ordered for $ 79,500.

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