Are there cars that cost more than 50 lakhs? Luxury VS budget car features!

When it comes to luxury cars, you can’t avoid expensive prices or listen to the futuristic technologies and opportunities they offer. We are not talking about cars that cost about 30 or 40 lacquers, but cars that cost more than 50 lacquers in India.

Everyone wonders about this one fact – are these cars really that valuable?

How do fashion models differ from modern budget models, which are equipped with advanced and latest technology and are used in everyday transport? Of course, they look cooler than others, but is the reason for their price only aesthetics and brand name? Not really.

In addition to great performance that can’t compete with any conventional road vehicle, these luxury cars come with fun and great features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Comparison of luxury and budget car capabilities

Here we have a list of features that were previously offered only by budget cars, premium cars. It will amaze you what you get with fashion models right now. We also have a list of fashion opportunities in this article that will reveal the level of wealth you can get through fashion models.

Features of a budget car

Cameras and active security systems

Rear parking cameras have changed the driving experience for beginners and other drivers in general. Sound warning when crossing the road in traffic jams is another advanced feature that is now common even in budget vehicles.

Many models offer active safety features, such as a frontal collision warning system, a lane departure warning system, blind spot detection, rear sensors for short-distance traffic detection, and audible or visual warnings to warn the driver.

High display

The top display shows the information on the windshield so that the driver does not look away while driving. The HUD can display speed, navigation commands, fuel levels, and safety alerts from help systems.

LED lights

LED headlights appeared in 2007, and a car with full LED lights debuted 2 years later. Previously, it was offered only in luxury cars, but now it has become a standard offer.

Satellite navigation and network connection

GPS and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the technology of the car connected to the information and entertainment block were mandatory. Most of them are offered as standard, and if not, they are available as an accessory on many models.


Electric steering units have made the power steering more affordable than those used in previous premium cars. They can be easily installed without power supply.

Electrically adjustable ORVM devices

electrically adjustable orvm

This may not be the case in all versions of the budget model. But we can get them in high-end versions and features, which allow us to clearly see the back of the car. Many entry-level hatchbacks come with power mirrors in India as they have become one of the popular features that buyers expect in any model.

Anti-lock braking system

The anti-lock braking system prevents the tire from locking during emergency braking. Mercedes-Benz has introduced this technology, which is now the main thing as a convenient and mandatory safety feature in almost all cars.


Airbags are another safety feature that was previously only offered to high-end vehicles to ensure passenger safety. RTO has now made airbags mandatory for any vehicle manufactured in India after December 2021.

Windows power

electric windows in the car

Power Windows is a technology in which an electric motor works to turn windows up or down. The manufacturers have given this option on most hatchbacks only for the front windows. Although mid-range versions and other basic versions of budget models are available with front and rear power windows.

Height-adjustable seats

height-adjustable car seats

Adjustable height driver’s seat is an advantage for drivers, as it allows you to adjust the seats to your liking and ride comfortably.

Adjustable steering wheel

adjustable steering wheel

These are other benefits created with the driver in mind. Soon they will be available in budget cars.

Some popular budget models in India

Tata Nexon Kia Sonnet
Tata Punch Mahindra XUV700
Mahindra Scorpio Toyota Innova Crysta

Features of luxury cars

the most expensive car in the world

Luxury cars are not just called for big price tags. They offer wealth in the form of many comfort, convenience and advanced security features. Some luxury car manufacturers are looking at some crazy extravagant opportunities for their customers. Let’s look at some special features that you will find only in luxury cars.

Aromatic dispenser

Modern Mercedes models come with their own fragrance distribution systems and customized exclusive fragrances.


Starliner car

Star lights on the roof give passengers the impression of walking in the open air. These liners are time consuming and are only available on demand in luxury cars.

Anti-theft system

The safety features of luxury cars do not compete with anyone. They are ahead until they arrive. Rolls Royce has an anti-theft system that extends to the Statue of the Ecstasy on the hood. If the sculpture feels forced, it automatically retreats.

Satellite transport

Some luxury vehicles use satellite communication technology to read the condition of the road ahead and adjust the transmission if necessary. This is very convenient for long trips.

Mood lighting

a vehicle that illuminates the mood

Lights and music for an empty car will give you the right mood and reduce the stress of the day. Brands like Bentley offer silent lighting in the interior to suit your mood and atmosphere while traveling.

Massage chairs

Seat heaters have become a thing of the past for luxury cars. Now they come with massage chairs! This applies not only to the rear seats, but also to the front passenger seats. It’s like the sky when you’re on a long journey, isn’t it?

Digital cabin

Cars in the digital cabin

Mercedes Benz GLS SUV offers a fully digital cab, which can be accessed through a wide, high-resolution screen. It has all the controls needed to drive efficiently. And this will definitely improve the look of the cabin.

There are some fashionable models in India over 50 Lac

Sample Ex-salon price
BMW 3 Series 46.90 Lacquer – 65.90 Lacquer
Mercedes-Benz Class C 55 Lacquer – 61 Lacquer
Jeep Wrangler 56.35 Lacquer – 60.35 Lacquer
Audi A6 59.99 Lacquer – 65.99 Lacquer
Mercedes-Benz GLC 62 Lacquer – 68.00 Lacquer
Range Rover Evoque 64.12 Lacquer – 69.99 Lacquer
Volvo XC60 65.90 lakh
BMW Z4 71.90 Lacquer – 84.90 Lacquer
BMW X5 79.90 Lacquer – 95.90 Lacquer
Land Rover Defender 80.72 Lacquer – 2.13 Cr
Audi Q7 82.49 Lacquer – 89.90 Lacquer
Range Rover Velar 86.75 Lacquer – 86.81 Lacquer
Volvo XC90 93.90 Lacquer – 1.31 Cr
Land Rover Range Rover 2.32 Cr – 4.17 Cr
BMW X7 1.18 Cr – 1.78 Cr

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Can you compare these qualities?

Frankly, these qualities are incomparable. The capabilities of luxury cars are high, expensive and extravagant in terms of their cost and need, while the capabilities of budget cars are mainly aimed at improving function and comfort while driving.

When you pay such cash for a luxury car, you get this and so on. without the right to opportunities. In fact, to read more about some fun and crazy fashion opportunities, Read our article here: 10 most crazy features of the car that you do not know! The most insanely stylish car features that will amaze you!

However, when the price of a car is 50 lakhs or more, it is not just a brand or model of the car. Manufacturers lean back to give you value for money with technologies and features that will amaze anyone. In any case, performance and ride quality can not be compared with a normal budget car. Therefore, if a really expensive car proves its value on the road and offers luxury with it, we say that it is completely worth it.

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