Apple CarPlay offers a new generation of special tools – WWDC 2022

At the World Developers Conference, Apple showed what the next generation CarPlay for cars will look like, and it’s amazing.

Taking advanced car technology to the next level, the next generation of Apple CarPlay with iOS 16 will allow users to turn their car’s instrument cluster into a custom block. Apple CarPlay is already available in almost all modern cars, which connects users’ smartphones to the car through a digital information entertainment system. There are many cases of its practical application and it is widely accepted. But the next genetic vehicles are equipped with something flexible and processed.

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The new generation Apple CarPlay was previewed at WWDC 2022

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The next generation for the tool cluster is Apple CarPlay

At the event, Apple announced that the next generation of cars compatible with the application CarPlay will be released later. So far, we can see from the presentation that such a large amount of information and a large screen are needed to display the order dimensions visible in the procedure. Basically, all iPhone layouts and apps can be displayed in the driver’s device cluster. These include speed, navigation, transmission readings, RPM meter, engine signs, and more. In addition to regular information about the car, such as

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New generation Apple CarPlay tool
New generation Apple CarPlay tool

The device display can also capture widgets used on phones. This way you can always select the features and applications you need on the screen. This takes customization to the next level, allowing users to stay in touch with their phones while on the go. In the iOS 16 update, this feature will be a priority, which may be the next step in the car connection space. Cars with digital touch screens that operate across the width of the control panel will be the first to receive this system.

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New generation Apple CarPlay tool
New generation Apple CarPlay tool

It is planned to be introduced in cars after 2023, which we initially think will be high-end luxury cars with simple instrument displays that will be compatible with this feature. However, over time, each technology will hit cars in the mass market, and we can see it in relatively cheaper cars.

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