Airstream’s E1 package adds a 12.1 kWh battery to your Mercedes-Benz van.

Airstream’s range of Mercedes-Benz-based travel coaches has just undergone an important update, making them even better for long trips.

An additional upgrade, called the E1 package, eliminates liquid propane used by Airstream standard models and consists of a set of 12.1 kWh lithium-ion batteries. The power upgrade will also include a 3,200-watt pure sine inverter, two 30-camp converters, a second 51-volt generator and two external solar ports.

Airstream says the 3,200-watt pure inverter is designed to deliver AC power to sockets in passenger cars and to all major appliances. It also features air conditioning and a new 1,100-watt fully electric single-burner induction furnace. In addition, dual 30 camp converters power the refrigerator and all indoor and outdoor LED lights.

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Airstream’s E1 package also includes a Timberline 2.0 diesel-powered hydraulic heating and hot water system that can deliver hot water on demand. The heating system uses diesel powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine, which eliminates the need for a second fuel source.

The second 51-volt generator mentioned above allows the batteries to be recharged up to 30% after only 20 minutes of running and full charging in just 2 hours.

Bob Wheeler, President and CEO of Airstream, said: “The E1 package is important news for our motorized products with a simplified experience that provides more power than ever before.” “When developing improvements, our goal is to provide innovative solutions that allow owners to focus more on their travel experience. Whether you’re working on the road, heading south in the winter, or wanting to spend more time offline, the E1’s powerful battery and single-fuel comfort system make it even easier to make the most of your opportunities. touring coach “.

Airstream’s Mercedes-Benz Touring Coach is not cheap. In fact, the most affordable model Interstate starts at $ 19,200,681. Prices will rise to $ 233,700 for Interstate 24GT and 24GL, $ 246,351 for Interstate 24X and $ 289,911 for Atlas.

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