After 20 years of collecting dust in the garage, it’s time for someone to drive a 1989 Ferrari Testarossa.

We are used to seeing the palace found, but, of course, there are the parking garage. This is an example of a 1989 Ferrari Testarossa that has been in a garage in France for 20 years and is now up for auction.

Mr. Jacques C bought a new one from a Ferrari agent in Mulhouse, eastern France, but it is at least one family car, although it is not the sole owner’s car. After the death of the owner in 2012, he left it to his daughter.

However, it doesn’t look like a Ferrarista, as Artcurial, which sells it, says it last drove the car to St. Tropez in 2003 and back, which is great. last trip by car.

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This is not necessarily the last ride, as the Mme S is now ready to sell its 13,939 miles (22,433 km). Resting in the garage under the hood, it is in good condition.

Beige leather is surprisingly durable, says the seller, as well as custom-made rugs. A leather box with magazines and instructions shows the historical attractiveness of this Testarossa.

However, not everything is so great. After 20 years of inactivity, the exterior needs to be cleaned and, of course, dust can hide imperfections in the body. The photos of the engine compartment also show that the muffler is dead, but the engine doesn’t look bad otherwise. It’s a long time, so some work will definitely be needed and any work with Ferrari will not be cheap.

In spite of, Artcurial this is what Testarossa calls a “rare opportunity” to control the recovery of this vehicle yourself, so you can be sure that everything was done correctly. Thus, on July 2, during the classic sale of Le Mans in 2022, the car is expected to sell for 70,000 euros and 110,000 euros ($ 73,919- $ 116,159 at current exchange rates).

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