After 1.5 km of Bajaj Pulsar 220 mile test

Bajaj Pulsar decided to add 120 ml of fuel to a YouTuber bike in a strange way to test the 220 run. Currently, Pulsar bicycles are very popular in our country. High mileage and accessibility with productivity are one of the main reasons for this. YouTuber set up to test this unique video.

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Bajaj Pulsar 220 mileage

This Pulsar 220 1 traveled more than 45,000 km, which made it quite obsolete. YouTuber has also made some modifications to the bike, which may increase fuel consumption compared to the average motorcycle. For this test, he rode his bicycle until it bent down and emptied the fuel tank. He then went to the fuel pump and poured gasoline into a tank worth 10 rupees. Since this video was shot in January 2021, fuel prices were not so high. Thus, he was able to get about 120 ml of fuel. He added a bottle of fuel to the carburetor and started on his way.

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During the trip, he stayed on the highway. However, it did not travel at an optimal speed of 60 km / h, where many cars give the best mileage in the lightest gear. He sometimes rode his bike much faster. Virtually the bike’s speedometer was visible throughout the trip. It collided at 70-80 km / h and was often braked due to road waves. So, it is normal for this run to be close to the real world. He finally stopped when the bike died in response to the throttle introduction.

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1.5 km old varnish Bajaj Pulsar 220

In total, he cycled about 5.8 kilometers. After a few simple calculations, YouTuber reached 46 km / l, which is very impressive. At the time and place of this video, YouTuber estimated the price of fuel at 80 km / l. So keep this in mind before making a conclusion. We should also keep in mind that such bicycles should not be driven without fuel, as this can cause long-term damage to components.

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