Skoda Slavia Ambition vs Style

When buying any new car, it is always difficult to choose between finishes. We aim to take an objective look at the benefits that the Skoda Slavia gets on the top and rear edges.

The Skoda Slavia Ambition MT costs 12.69 million rupees, while the former Style MT showroom costs 14.39 million rupees. The price difference of about 2 million rupees (on the road) is huge. Therefore, taking into account the situation, it is necessary to clearly determine what additional features / accessories are offered in the upper part and whether they are worth the additional payment.

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Skoda Slavia Ambition vs Style – Exterior

External differences are very limited. In the style version, you get an LED projector headlight with L-shaped LED DRLs that give the front of the sedan a high and modern look. It represents a crystal design of the Skoda brand. On the other hand, the Ambition finish comes with a halogen headlight unit with simple LED DRLs. In addition, the side profile of the Style finish boasts the alloy wheels of a two-tone car that looks elegant compared to conventional alloy wheels in the Ambition finish. Note that both versions have the same 16-inch wheels with the same tire profile.

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There is also a chrome strip under the window line, which is only for surface finishing. There is no significant difference in the back either. To meet the expectations of the best model, Skoda Ambition offers a chrome strip that runs across the width of the rear bumper, which is not in the finish. Finally, if you choose the Style finish, you will get an electric hatch that is not recommended in the Ambition model. However, the stylish finish can also be obtained without a hatch, which costs less than 40,000 rupees.

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On the inside, the only thing you’ll notice when you get in the driver’s seat is the large cluster of digital instruments in the high-end finish compared to the usual Ambition finish. It sends all the information with clear graphics. In addition, you can charge your wireless smartphone upstairs and Skoda premium audio system. Finally, the front seats on the top deck are ventilated, making all the difference from the harsh sun, which is a phenomenon in most of India. In the Ambition version, you get chairs made of ordinary fabric.

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Skoda Slavia Ambition and style comparison


It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend. If you have a relatively small budget, but want to see Slavia’s 1.0-liter TSI engine, you have everything you need, even in the Ambition finish. You can save about Rs 2 crore on the road. On the other hand, if you overestimate the comfort of nature and your budget is flexible, it makes sense to go for a top finish. Then you can argue that the price difference between Skoda Slavia’s Ambition and Style finish is worth it.

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