Adro claims that the $ 5,500 Aero-optimized Tesla Model 3 and Model Y kits reduce shipping by about 5%.

Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization (ADRO) today introduced the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. Not only did the cars, improved with careful use of carbon fiber, look more interesting than those produced at the factory, but they were actually significantly improved. yes.

Consumers can choose from one front lip, two side skirts, a rear diffuser and a spoiler. Everything is made of super premium dry prepreg carbon fiber instead of wet carbon. This makes the material stronger and lighter, making it more expensive to produce.

This decision was necessary for the company, which intends to produce high-quality race-ready parts, and is part of its commitment to performance. In fact, ADRO promises that every vehicle it produces will benefit from overall handling and high speeds. Specifically, this means that it reduces the barrier for the Y model by 4.4 percent and improves it by 3.2 percent for the 3 model.

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“At ADRO, our customers want a unique design while improving the shape and function,” said Sean Yoon, ADRO’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our main focus is on creating a special vehicle aesthetics that suits their personality, while improving the performance of vehicles. Efficiency is very important for EV owners, so ADRO Model 3 and Model Y customs reduce lightweight, durable, beautifully designed carbon fiber transportation and improve aeration efficiency.

The company is now taking pre-orders for the full Model Y and Model 3 carbon fiber customs and parts are expected to be ready this summer.

Prices start at $ 68,490 for the completely modified Model Y and $ 52,490 for the three similarly improved models. If you just want to get ADRO pre-order body kits, you can get them for $ 5,500.

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