A man stands in a two-wheeled Toyota Fortuner SUV, NABBED

Even when it comes to security, people go too far to post surprising content to increase their subscriptions on social media.

In the bizarre part of the story, a man from Noida appears to be standing on top of two moving Toyota Fortuner SUVs to post on social media. He is known as Rajiev Yadav, who previously performed such tricks for content on social networks. In order to be influential on social media and gain new followers, some people do stupid tricks that endanger their own lives and the lives of others. The latest incident involving Noida’s boyfriend and the Fortune Tellers has been criticized by netizens, and Ranzheev has even reported it to the police.

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A man standing on top of a Toyota Fortuner SUV Reported

Rajiev Yadav performs such tricks in Noida and has become very popular in the neighborhood. In the past, he was seen playing with his Splendor in the middle of the road while driving without a helmet. It’s not as safe as anyone might think. In fact, it endangers not only his life, but also the lives of other vehicles and cyclists on the road. This time he was standing in the doorway of two moving Toyota Fortuners and flexed his muscles. He tried to repeat the trick of Ajay Devgn in his famous film “Golmaal 3”.

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However, it should be understood that Bollywood artists perform such tricks in a chosen environment with a team of stuntmen and professional choreographers. Specialists have been doing such tricks for years. Even if something goes wrong, there is a team of medical professionals to deal with the situation. In real life, without experience, you can’t do such a stupid thing in public. People on Twitter shouted about it, posted the video and called the local police.

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Inspired by Bollywood movies, a man is driving a two-wheeled Toyota Fortuner SUV.

Police identified the man and assured netizens that appropriate action would be taken against Rajiyev Yadav. It remains to be seen what this action will look like. So far, we urge our readers not to engage in such foolish actions, and for safety reasons, you can report people who are doing so.

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