A Ferrari F40 crashes into a corner barrier while climbing a Swiss mountain.

A video of a failed crash during the 2022 Kerenzerbergren climbing race in Switzerland appeared on Sunday. The Ferrari F40 may have been hit by a turbo lag coming from the corner and blocked the nose.

Fortunately, neither the driver nor the woman watching at the scene were injured, according to local news. 20 minutes. The ambulance rushed to the scene, but did not need his help and returned immediately.

Ferrari, unfortunately, was only a little lucky. A video about the consequences of the incident was released FerrariOwnersClubNL The Facebook page said that the front of the car was severely damaged. Although it can be repaired, it is not cheap to repair. Values ​​are moving Up to $ 2.8 million, this accident can have a significant impact on the driver’s net worth.

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It’s hard to find a picture of a real road accident, but a YouTube user “Carsten” took a corner shot of the F40 and several other Ferrari cars circling the left arm. Unfortunately, we have to fill the rest with our imagination, because we only have the sound of tires squeaking and the sound of carbon fibers against a metal barrier.

F40 in the European specification is 471 hp. Equipped with a 2.9-liter V8 engine with twin turbochargers (352 kW / 478 horsepower). While this power is enough to cause you trouble, it was also noted that the turbocharging technology of the 80s and the associated backlog can cause problems by suddenly providing drivers with torque.

In any case, the Ferrari pictured above took part in the parade before the 12-corner Hillclimb course to celebrate Ferrari’s 75th birthday.

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