A drunk Range Rover driver killed a man; Shows no regrets

Two women in a Range Rover showed no remorse or sympathy after killing the driver of a car parked on the side of the road and injuring his family.

Two women, who were driving their luxury Range Rover under the influence of alcohol, killed a man who parked his car on the side of the road and injured his wife and children. Even more heartbreaking is the fact that the two women are completely unaware of what they have done and are unforgiving. He is again blaming the deceased and arguing with the police.

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The women of the Range Rover hit the driver who killed the car

The tragedy was reported near the town of Ambala in Haryana. The woman, who was driving a Range Range, was allegedly drunk and driving at high speed. The poor family was drinking a glass of juice in a car on the side of the road. Suddenly, the driver of a luxury SUV lost control of his vehicle and stopped. The resulting catastrophe is difficult to see even in still images. The entire rear of the Honda Brio was crushed, killing the family man at once. The children and the woman in the car were seriously injured. Despite the fact that the Range Rover was an SUV with a solid body, the front left side was severely damaged. However, the two drunken women were not injured.

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Surprisingly, these two women are still in a state of emotional turmoil after a careless murder. Apparently, they gave orders to police officers at police stations and refused to take alcohol tests. The driver seems to be proud to be waiting for his lawyer and parents. He does not work with the police at all. Instead, he heard the accused accuse him of parking in the wrong place. Two Panipat women have been charged with assaulting and assaulting women by police. One of the police officers said that the couple even tore off his badges from the uniform.

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A Range Rover in the hands of a drunk driver hit another car, killing one and injuring others.

It is difficult to see the fear of the law, the abuse of money and power. It is inconceivable to see how sensitive and entitled these foolish children of the rich are. We hope that these prostitutes will be punished according to the law as soon as possible. Maybe they understand what they are doing. Speaking about the incident, police officer Suraj Kumar said: “We are waiting for laboratory reports to check whether the driver was drunk. Another woman has been released, but can be called back if allegations of ill-treatment by police are confirmed.

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