A drunk driver collided with a Maruti XL6 at 160 km / h, see Result

Drunk drivers continue to be involved in traffic accidents and the results are not good.

Here is a video of a drunk driver colliding with a Maruti XL6. Drunk driving is the biggest threat to road safety, which makes our roads very dangerous. The XL6 has not been crash-tested by GNCAP, but the XL6-based Ertiga has earned a decent 3-star safety rating in 2019. Therefore, it can be assumed that the XL6 is a very safe vehicle. However, this does not guarantee that anyone will increase speed, especially after intoxication.

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A drunk driver hit a Maruti XL6

The video was released by Nikhil Rana as part of his “Safe Transport for India” mission. He will continue to publish such content to raise awareness among Indian car buyers about the urgency of buying high-safety cars. The incident was reported in Chattisgarh, where 3 people were driving a Maruti XL6. However, the driver was drunk and the passengers may be in the same condition. The MPV speedometer is clearly visible at the 160 km / h mark.

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When a curve appears and the driver loses control, the driver tries to accelerate further. At such high speeds, it is impossible to act in time. The MPV hits a roadside wall. According to the video, the passengers were not injured and the condition of the car was not as bad as expected after the collision at a speed of 160 km / h. Although the front left side of the car was badly damaged, the side pillars absorbed the impact well.

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The Maruti XL6 crashed at 160 km / h

The airbags appear to be open, which can save the lives of passengers. Fortunately, this incident did not affect anyone on the road, but it can be easy. We urge all our readers to follow the rules of the road, not to speed or drive while intoxicated. Be sure to notify anyone who tries to drink or drive. We must do our best to make our roads safe and user-friendly.

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