79% of long-distance bus users feel uneven service – Survey

The study of the mood of travelers considers safety important for passengers in the south, and comfort for the north and west.

NueGo, a long-distance electric mobility trainer brand from GreenCell Mobility, recently completed its first survey based on interviews with more than 2,800 respondents in 10 cities in India. Focusing on understanding the needs of Indian intercity bus travelers, 79% of these passengers felt a lack of standardization in many aspects of bus travel. These include hygiene, tidiness, food and drink.

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The use of electric cars should reduce CO2 emissions by 56,154 tons during the service life of vehicles.

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Changes in the priorities of intercity bus travelers

The study is based on the responses of many travel segments – Premium AC, Affordable A and, Non-AC. Even qualitative research has been conducted among long-distance bus travel stakeholders, such as private bus operators, offline ticketing agents and online aggregators. The majority of intercity bus passengers are men, with an average age of 35. Free time is also the main reason for travel (58%). Preference is given to traveling with friends and family. However, leisure travel is higher in the North (70%) than in the West (56%) and the South (55%). In the post-pandemic era, cleanliness and hygiene are the most important for travelers.

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Security is in third place. Among women, safety comes first, followed by cleanliness. Security is important in South India, but comfort is relatively important in the North and West. North Indian travelers are also sensitive to prices. There are more than 3.6 million intercity buses in India. Only about 50,000 of them have AC power. Interestingly, the study showed that the majority of travelers (77%) are ready to travel on electric premium buses. From this study, it can be concluded that aspects of operational service, such as neatness, cleanliness, medium stops, food and beverages, are the most important parameters for travelers when choosing a bus operator for long-distance travel.

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Anand Paramesvaran, Executive Director of Insights, Kantar, said in a statement: “The study covered different stages of the journey. There is a real demand for continuous, consistent and high consumer experience in all aspects of travel. Consumers also have a social consciousness and are ready to choose electric buses for a sustainable future “

thoughts on solving the travel regime

NueGo plans to take the lead in the public transport sector, offering bus users a world-class travel experience. Speaking about the offer, Ashok Agarwal, MD and CEO of GreenCell Mobility said: “NueGo services will soon be available in 75 Indian-Bhopal destinations in early June. The consumer-oriented brand, NueGo buses, is a climate-friendly alternative aimed at providing a great base for Indian travelers who meet global standards. ” All NueGo buses will have technology solutions that offer convenience to the end through customer lounges, app booking, direct monitoring and continuous customer experience.

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